Community integrations

Thanks to the members of our community, there are now Plausible Analytics integrations for many platforms.

Note that these integrations are community maintained and therefore we take no responsibility for them. Check the individual integration to see whether it's up to date and supports the features that you need.

Alternatively, you can integrate Plausible into your site manually.


GatsbyJS: A Gatsby plugin for adding Plausible Analytics to your Gatsby site. Built and maintained by Curtis Cummings of Integrate with Plausible Analytics using a plugin. You can add it under Find Plug-ins in and then use the Settings button to configure it for your Plausible Analytics account. Built and maintained by Lukas Rosenstock. Here's the source code.


Drupal: A Drupal module for Plausible Analytics. Allows you to ignore tracking on certain pages and by certain user roles. Built and maintained by Dane Rossenrode of Touchdreams.


Bridgetown: A Liquid tag to add Plausible Analytics to your Bridgetown site. Built and maintained by Andrew Mason. Here's the source code.


Hugo: A theme component to add Plausible Analytics to your Hugo site. You can add custom goals, Outbound Link goal, ignore tracking on certain pages and manage CSP rules. Works for both Plausible Analytics Cloud and Self-Hosted. Can be used as Hugo Module. Built and maintained by Divinerites.

AUR package for Arch Linux#

AUR package for Arch Linux: Start it using systemctl start plausible, enable it at boot with systemctl enable plausible and change the environment variables by editing /etc/plausible.conf. Built and maintained by Rhys Perry.


NextJS: Simple integration for Plausible Analytics and Provides custom events functionality. Built and maintained by 4lejandrito.

Vue.js & Nuxt.js#

Vue.js & Nuxt.js: A Vue.js plugin and NuxtJS module for Plausible Analytics. Exposes the functionality of plausible-tracker to Vue and Nuxt instances, Vue components, and Vuex stores. Built and maintained by Moritz Sternemann.


VuePress: A VuePress-plugin allowing you to use Plausible for your documentation website. Built and maintained by Peter Thaleikis.


Docusaurus: Check out our Docusaurus integration page for full details on Plausible Analytics Docusaurus community plugin and other ways to integrate Plausible Analytics with your Docusaurus documentation site.

Hybrid native + web app#

Hybrid native + web app: Built and maintained by Cassidy James Blaede.

NPM package#

NPM package: Frontend library to interact with Plausible. Same features as the official script, but as an NPM module. Built and maintained by Gustavo Maronato.


Jekyll: Webanalytics for Jekyll. Just install the plugin, configure it and you are done. Contribution by David Schmitt.


Gridsome: A plugin to add Plausible Analytics to your Gridsome site. Built and maintained by Sven Adolph.


Grav: Add Plausible Analytics to your Grav CMS site and configure it from the admin panel. Built and maintained by Iain Gillis.

Neos CMS#

Neos CMS: Add Plausible Analytics to your Neos site. Built and maintained by Jon Uhlmann.

Let us know about any other integrations that you've built and we will feature them. Thanks for your support!