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Proxying Plausible through Fresh

Step 1: Add the script proxy

Create a file routes/js/script.js.ts in your project.

import { HandlerContext, Handlers } from "$fresh/server.ts";

export const handler: Handlers = {
GET(_req: Request, _ctx: HandlerContext) {
return fetch("");

Step 2: Add the api/event proxy

Create a file routes/api/event.ts in your project

import { HandlerContext } from "$fresh/server.ts";

export const handler = async (
_req: Request,
_ctx: HandlerContext
): Promise<Response> => {
const addr = _ctx.remoteAddr as Deno.NetAddr;

return await fetch("", {
method: "post",
headers: {
"User-Agent": _req.headers.get("User-Agent") ?? "None",
"X-Forwarded-For": addr.hostname,
"Content-Type": "application/json",
body: await _req.text(),

Step 3: Add the script tag

See Plausible's script tag docs

Add a script tag to your application's HTML page, passing the values configured above as attributes:

/** @jsx h */
import { h } from "preact";
import { tw } from "@twind";
import { Head } from "$fresh/src/runtime/head.ts";

export default function Home() {
return (
<div class={tw`p-4 mx-auto max-w-screen-md`}>
<title>Fresh + Plausible</title>
<p class={tw`my-6`}>
Welcome to `fresh`. Try update this message in the ./routes/index.tsx
file, and refresh.

Deploy these changes to your Fresh site. You can verify the proxy is working by opening your network tab. You should see a request to with status 200 and another one to with status 202.