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A lightweight, non-intrusive alternative to Google Analytics

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Google's snippet weighs 17kb
Ours is only 2.1kb


All pageviews are anonymized by default in our database

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Plausible better than Google Analytics?

It gives you basic analytics without subjecting your users to surveillance by Google. Besides the privacy concerns, I believe that an analytics tool can be beautiful, simple and still powerful. Google Analytics is certainly powerful, but it's severely lacking in the other categories.

And who are you?

My name is Uku; I’m a developer living in London.

What’s next?

I'm looking to sign up a decent amount of beta users so we can battle-test the product in the real world. After a couple of months everything should be ready to launch for real.

Will there be a free tier once you launch?

No. Google can provide their product for free because they use it to build advertising profiles at massive scale. I don’t do that, so even the smallest tier will have to be paid to keep the servers running.

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Join the public beta

Plausible is currently in beta, which means it's not completely finished, but at the moment it's completely free to use. Although it would be super useful if you could provide some feedback to me once you've had a chance to use it. All beta users will receive a special discount once it's launched!

Plausible is focused on exactly what I need: clear insights into my site visitors, without getting in my way

All the stats you need in a single page. Plausible's user experience and user interface are the stark opposite of Google Analytics.

I love Plausible because it is lightweight and looks beautiful. It shows me all the statistics that I need in a simple and unique style.