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Our team

Plausible Analytics is designed, developed and maintained fully remotely, distributed and transparent by the following people:

Core team

  • Uku Taht - Design and development
  • Marko Saric - Marketing and communication
  • Robert - Product engineer
  • Cenk - Infrastructure and security
  • Adam - Product engineer and infrastructure
  • Bogdan - Customer success
  • Adrian - Product engineer
  • Karl - Product engineer and infrastructure


In addition to this, Plausible Analytics is made possible by an incredible community of contributors from all over the world who volunteer their time to the project. Special thanks to the following contributors:

  • Chandra Tungathurthi (tckb) for the extraordinary efforts on making Plausible Analytics Self-Hosted possible and the continuous efforts on improving the self-hosted version.

  • Chris Morgan (chris-morgan) for the help on reducing the Plausible Analytics script to under 1 KB in size.

  • Jake Howard (RealOrangeOne) for the help on the Plausible Analytics Self-Hosted and the ClickHouse configuration improvements.

  • Mehul Gohil (mehul0810) for the help on building the Plausible Analytics WordPress plugin and keeping it up to date with the latest features.

  • Vignesh Joglekar (Vigasaurus) for the help on making the Plausible Analytics dark theme come alive, implementing client-side exclusions, expanding the top pages report, and much more.

  • Ru Singh (hirusi) for the help on making the Plausible Analytics dashboard look well on all the mobile devices and other enhancements.

  • Gustavo Maronato (Maronato) for all the help on the plausible-tracker NPM package.

  • Matt Colligan (m-col) for all the help on the export / import functionality.

  • Daan van den Bergh (Dan0sz) for all the help with bringing our WordPress plugin to another level.

  • Ruslan Doga (ruslandoga) for all the help with GitHub community management and self-hosting.

  • To those who build and maintain Plausible Analytics integrations with various frameworks. Full list here.

For anyone wishing to contribute to Plausible, we recommend taking a look at our contributor guide.

Thank you to everyone for contributing to Plausible Analytics!