Introduction to goals

Plausible Analytics has a very flexible support for goals which allows you to track pretty much what you want.

Goals are actions that you want your users to take such as sign up to a newsletter, click on the "Download" button, sign up for a trial account, click on an external link or complete the checkout form of your ecommerce store.

With this feature, you’ll be able to track the number of conversions, conversion rate and other statistics including referrer sources that are driving conversions.

There are four types of goals in Plausible Analytics:

  • Pageview goals allow you to measure how many people visit a specific section of your site (for instance dynamically created ecommerce checkout pages)
  • Custom event goals allow you to measure button clicks or form completions
  • Outbound link clicks allow you to measure clicks on external links
  • 404 error pages allow you to measure page not found errors