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Your /sites landing page

When you log into your Plausible Analytics account, you are met with the "/sites" landing page, where we list all the websites you have access to in your account.

Plausible Analytics

In the top right, you can access your account settings or log out of your account. Further down the page, on the right-hand side, you have the "+ Add a website" button, which allows you to add a new site to your account.

The rest of the "/sites" landing page features all your sites. To give you a quick overview, we display the number of visitors in the last 24 hours next to each site. You can click on any website to enter its stats dashboard, or you can click on the "Settings" icon on the right-hand side of the domain name to enter the website settings section.


We use pagination to keep the loading time fast if you have many sites in your Plausible account. Do you prefer to see all your sites on one page? You can use the "?per_page=" parameter like this: With that link, all your sites will be listed on one page without pagination. You can then use the search functionality in your browser (press cmd+f on a Mac or ctrl+f on Linux and Windows) to instantly find the site you're looking for.