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How to contribute

Thank you for being interested in contributing to Plausible Analytics! We’re very happy that you want to help us improve and grow our open source project! Here are some ways you can help us build better Plausible:

  1. Blogging, tweeting and in any other way sharing with the world what you like about Plausible, what you use it for and how it helps you solve your challenges. Our growth can be attributed to people who love to use Plausible and who decide to share their Plausible experience with the world.

  2. Reporting bugs or issues that you've encountered in your use of Plausible on our GitHub page.

  3. Contributing to the development of Plausible on our GitHub page. Thanks to our contributors we were able to reduce our script size, have many community integrations, develop the easy self-hosting solution and much more. Take a look at our contributor guidelines.

  4. Joining our GitHub forum where you can help others who have issues with their self-hosted instances.

  5. Submitting new feature ideas on our GitHub forum. You can submit new feature ideas, you can comment to the existing feature requests, you can upvote features you’d like to see, and you can subscribe to the particular feature to follow its progress.