We are looking for an Infrastructure Engineer

Title: Infrastructure / Site Reliability Engineer
Experience: Mid to senior level
Location: Remote (worldwide)
Hours: 20-40hrs / week
Compensation: €60-100k / year (assuming full-time)

Thanks for your interest. This position has now been filled. Do follow us on Twitter or Mastodon to hear about any new job openings in the future.

Who we are

Plausible Analytics is an open-source project dedicated to making web analytics more privacy-friendly. Our mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing an alternative web analytics tool which doesn’t come from the AdTech world.

Plausible is trusted by 5,000+ subscribers including Ghost, Basecamp, ElementaryOS and System76 amongst others. The full-time team is based in the EU and consists of Uku Taht (development) and Marko Saric (marketing, support). We haven’t raised any money from investors and don’t plan to. We are profitable and growing at a steady, sustainable pace.

Role overview

We are looking for an infrastructure / site reliability engineer to evolve our system architecture at this stage of growth. You’ll be working closely with Uku to make sure we can scale with the demand as well as improve our system reliability, performance and uptime. We are experiencing steady growth which creates exciting technical challenges without being overwhelming.

We currently deploy our workloads with plain Docker on Hetzner Cloud servers running Ubuntu. We self-host our Clickhouse database and plan to start self-hosting our PostgreSQL instance as well. Today, we are ingesting over a billion events per month from more than 30k websites. We are starting to hit the limits of our current setup where we just scale cloud servers vertically.

Examples of the kinds of things you’ll be working on:

  • Keeping our production workloads running (potentially using a container orchestrator like Nomad or Kubernetes)
  • Creating and testing our disaster recovery protocols. From single node failures all the way to whole datacenter failover scenarios
  • Defining our monitoring, alerting and incident response practices
  • Enabling horizontal scale-out of our application services and database systems
  • Taking ownership of our CI/CD pipelines
  • Participating in our on-call rotation
  • Automating operational tasks

You don’t have to be an expert at everything on this list, but previous experience with running production workloads is important. You’ll be a key engineer with a major impact on everything we do. This role comes with a lot of autonomy as well as responsibility. You’ll be our first full-time engineering hire so you’ll be part of building our tech team and its culture.

What we are looking for

  • Enthusiasm for open source software and online privacy
  • Thoughtful, kind person with good communication skills
  • Carefully considers tradeoffs between possible solutions
  • Writes good documentation and tests
  • Experience with containers and container orchestration
  • Experience managing databases (PostgreSQL or similar)
  • Experience with at least one scripting language

Working with us

We work remotely and flexibly. There won’t be more than one meeting per week. We communicate mainly around public Github threads and internal chat. Email is only used for external communication and customer support.

As a small remote company we can accommodate a wide range of working hours, vacation time and other working arrangements.

Application process

Thanks for your interest. This position has now been filled. Do follow us on Twitter or Mastodon to hear about any new job openings in the future.

  1. Send your application to jobs@plausible.io. Include any previous work experience, skills you’ve acquired and technologies you’ve worked with.
  2. Technical interview with Uku
  3. Interview with Uku & Marko to negotiate and finalize working arrangements: compensation, working hours, vacation time, etc.
  4. Onboarding

If you aren’t interested yourself, please consider if you know someone who might be and share this ad with them.