Website analytics platform for freelancers and agencies

One of the use cases Plausible Analytics was specifically designed for are the freelancers and agencies who work with clients developing their websites, communication and marketing practices.

A regular task when working on a website for a client is to install some kind of website statistics and reporting solution. And Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics solution.

The problem with Google Analytics for freelancers and agencies

The problem with Google Analytics is that it tracks way too many data points and is overkill for the majority of clients. This makes Google Analytics difficult to understand for the majority of non-technical users who are unfamiliar with it and who may be intimidated by having access to hundreds of different reports and metrics.

So on top of installing the analytics, agencies and freelancers are tasked with making the web analytics process simpler for clients to get insights and value from. But when dealing with Google Analytics this can be a cumbersome, time consuming and painful process that requires a lot of training and support.

With Plausible Analytics, we believe we have created a better and easier solution for certain use cases both for freelancers and agencies, but their clients too.

What makes Plausible Analytics a great web analytics platform for freelancers and agencies?

Here’s a look at the features and the workflow of Plausible Analytics that makes your life as someone who works with clients easier:

Schedule weekly and/or monthly email reports with all the data included

Plausible email reports

Most clients prefer to get their reports directly into their inbox and Plausible Analytics makes that process simple. Email reports can be sent to multiple recipients and can be scheduled on a weekly (every Monday) and/or monthly basis (every 1st of the month).

All the stats are embedded directly in the email and there’s no need for your client to go to any website. There are no attachments, no PDFs and no links to click on. No friction either.

Reports are automated, there’s no longer a need to build custom dashboards

Plausible Analytics is built with simplicity in mind. There are no layers of menus, there is no need for you to build custom reports, custom dashboards or PowerPoint documents.

Your clients can get all the important insights from their website traffic on one single automated page or via one single automated email. You don’t need to worry about creating custom reports to help them understand what they need to know.

Share the stats privately and securely with your clients without the need for accounts and passwords

Plausible shared reports

You can share the Plausible Analytics website dashboard to your clients privately and securely by generating a unique shared link. This link is impossible to guess so only people you send it to will have access to it.

Your clients do not need to log in, there’s no need for accounts and passwords either. But you do have the option to add password protection for extra security.

Plausible password protected reports

Your clients can check their website traffic and site analytics in 1 minute

Plausible Analytics is straightforward, simple and it cuts through the noise that more complex analytics providers create. Everything your clients need to know is on one single page.

They can quickly review all their website data and insights in 1 minute and get on with their work.

No training, education or responding to questions is necessary

Your clients will intuitively understand the metrics that Plausible Analytics provides on the dashboard. You won’t need to host training sessions to explain to them how they can read their analytics. You won’t need to support them and answer questions around the use of analytics either.

Plausible Analytics helps you build faster websites

The Plausible Analytics script is more than 45 times smaller than the Google Tag Manager and Analytics script (under 1 KB vs 45.7 KB). The page weight of the websites you build for your clients will be cut down and the sites will load faster too.

Plausible Analytics helps you build simpler and more user-friendly sites

Plausible does not use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR and other privacy regulations out of the box.

This means that you and your clients do not need to add cookie banners and do not need to get GDPR or CCPA consent either. You don’t need to worry about adding anything to your privacy policy around the use of analytics either.

This makes websites nicer, easier to use and more visitor-friendly.

With Plausible Analytics, you fully own and control your data

With Plausible Analytics, you 100% own and control all of your website data. This data is not being shared with or sold to any third-parties.

Plausible Analytics is an open source product, with an open roadmap and an easy to understand privacy policy.

You can use one Plausible Analytics account for multiple clients

You can add as many clients’ websites as you want under a single Plausible Analytics account. All the stats are accessible with easy switches on our simple dashboard.

Do you want to see a live demo of Plausible Analytics website analytics dashboard?

Plausible public stats

This is actually another interesting feature of Plausible Analytics. Your website stats dashboard is private by default but you can choose to be transparent and make it public so anyone with your custom link can view the dashboard too.

This live stats link can then be displayed in your footer, in your emails, in your presentation or wherever else you wish to share your stats.

We’ve opened our own web analytics to everyone so you can see the live demo of the traffic stats of our own website.

Give Plausible Analytics a chance

Unlike Google Analytics, Plausible Analytics is not free to use.

Google Analytics is free because Google has built their company and their wealth by collecting and analyzing huge amounts of personal information from web users and using these personal and behavioral insights to sell advertisements.

Since we don’t make money from targeted advertisements, we must ask for a small fee to keep the servers running and to keep improving the product.

You can try Plausible Analytics for free with our 30 days, unlimited usage trial. No credit card is required to sign up for a trial either. You could even run Plausible Analytics alongside Google Analytics to see what difference it makes in your workflow and in the experience of your clients before making a more long-term decision.

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