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Billing FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about billing, invoicing and payments:

Is the billing based per account or per website?

The billing is based on the usage between all the sites you have added to your account. You can see your usage numbers at any time in your account settings.

How do I get an invoice?

Our payment processor Paddle sends an invoice to you through email automatically upon each payment. You can click on a link within this email to download your invoice. You can also download invoices in your Plausible account settings. See here.

Would you like to change your Paddle email address to get your invoices sent to a different email? Do contact us and tell us your current Paddle email and the new email address where you'd like to get invoices in the future.

Do you support any alternative payment methods?

Credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay are the supported payment methods. We can't accept payments by wire transfer, invoicing or cryptocurrency unfortunately. All our payment processing is done by Paddle. We're a small team with limited resources so can't deal with billing ourselves.

Please make sure that there's a valid credit/debit card added to your PayPal account. It is not possible to pay for subscriptions via PayPal balance as all recurring payments must be associated with a card.

Apple Pay & Google Pay payment methods

How do I change my billing address?

You can change the billing address yourself by opening your invoice and clicking the "Edit business address".

Unfortunately, changing a country associated with a subscription isn't possible due to legal and tax reasons. Suppose you wish to link the service to a company registered in a different country. You can wait until the current subscription expires, then cancel the subscription and resubscribe again from the same account with the address in the new country. You won't lose any of the data in this process.

How do I get a VAT refund?

On the "Payment" screen in the upgrade process, you have the option to add your company address and VAT ID. Our payment processor Paddle handles all the VAT and other sales taxes, so if you're eligible no VAT will be charged on your subscription.

Add VAT number at checkout

If you haven't added your company details during the subscription process, you can open the invoice that Paddle sent you and click on the "Add address & VAT Number" link to do so.

Edit invoice to add business details

More information about Paddle and the sales taxes or VAT can be found here.

What happens if I go over my monthly page views limit?

You will never be charged extra for an occasional traffic spike. We will never stop counting your stats because of an occasional traffic spike. There are no surprise fees and your card will never be charged unexpectedly.

Suppose new higher traffic levels become your new standard and your page views exceed your subscription plan for two consecutive months. In that case, we will contact you and ask you to upgrade your subscription plan to accommodate your new traffic levels using our self-serve platform.

To maintain access to your stats, you will need to upgrade your account to accommodate your new traffic levels. If you do not upgrade your account within a week, our automated system will lock the stats making them inaccessible. Your stats will be automatically unlocked once you upgrade to the appropriate tier or if your usage falls back within your subscription limits.

How does the billing work if I upgrade my subscription to a higher tier?

Our payment processor Paddle will calculate a pro-rated amount which reflects the amount you have paid on your previous subscription and the amount of time until that subscription was supposed to expire.

How does the billing work if I downgrade my subscription to a lower tier?

Your subscription tier is based on your usage in the last billing cycle. If your usage decreases and you downgrade your subscription to a lower tier, you'll see a negative value for immediate payment amount. This negative value indicates a credit balance which will be automatically applied to reduce your future payments until it runs out.

How do I update my billing information?

You can edit your payment details by logging into your Plausible account and in the top right menu, click on your account name and choose "Account Settings" to enter your account's settings. You will see the "Update billing info" link under "Next bill amount".

Update Plausible billing information