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Download your invoices

Our payment processor Paddle sends an invoice to you through email automatically upon each payment. You can click on a link within this email to download your invoice.

You can also download your invoices in your Plausible account. Log in to your Plausible account and in the top right menu, click on your account name and choose "Settings" to enter your account settings.

To download your invoices, find the "Invoices" section. You'll see the list of your invoices and you can download the individual invoice by clicking on the link button.

Download Plausible invoice

You can change the billing address by opening your invoice and clicking the "Edit business address".

Unfortunately, changing a country associated with a subscription isn't possible due to legal and tax reasons. Suppose you wish to link the service to a company registered in a different country. You can wait until the current subscription expires, then cancel the subscription and resubscribe again from the same account with the address in the new country. You won't lose any of the data in this process.

If you haven't added your company details during the subscription process, you can open an invoice and click on the "Add address & VAT Number" link to do so.