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Choose the right subscription tier

Plausible gives you great control and flexibility in plans you can subscribe to, the billing frequency and in upgrading or downgrading your subscription tier. Here's how to choose the subscription tier that's right for you.

All plans are priced according to your traffic levels

All Plausible Analytics subscription plans are priced according to your monthly traffic levels. The billing is based on the total number of pageviews between all the sites you have added to your account.

To calculate your traffic level, we take all the websites you have added to your Plausible account and total the number of page views between them. If you use the "Custom Events" feature, then these count towards your total monthly pageviews as well.

"Custom Events" are any custom goals including external link click tracking and 404 error page tracking. The act of adding a "Pageview Goal" has no effect on your usage.

You can check your current traffic level in your account settings within the "Subscription Plan" section. Look under the "Your usage" heading. You should get on a subscription plan that fits your traffic levels.

You can get 2 months free if you subscribe to a yearly plan and pay annually. You can see all our subscription plans and pricing on our website or within your Plausible account.

What happens if I go over my monthly page views limit?

You will never be charged extra for an occasional traffic spike. We will never stop counting your stats because of an occasional traffic spike. There are no surprise fees and your card will never be charged unexpectedly.

Suppose new higher traffic levels become your new standard and your page views exceed your subscription plan for two consecutive months. In that case, we will contact you and ask you to upgrade your subscription plan to accommodate your new traffic levels using our self-serve platform. The new charge will be prorated to reflect the amount you have already paid and the time until your current subscription is supposed to expire.

After we contact you, you will have a week to make a decision. You can decide to continue with a higher plan or to cancel your account at that point.

Features that are available on every plan

There are no differences in terms of features available on the different subscription plans. All the features are available on every plan. There are no data retention limits either.

Same works for our 30-day free trial. There are no restrictions on features or usage limits within the trial month either.

How do I manage my subscription?

Everything is self-serve within your account settings. There are no long term contracts and you can change your subscription tier or cancel your plan at any time. You don't need to call or contact us.

Need any help or have a question about our subscription plans or your subscription? Contact us.