We are looking for a Product Engineer

Position: Product engineer
Level: Mid to senior
Location: Remote (worldwide)
Hours: 20-40 hrs/week
Salary: €40-50/hour

Thanks for your interest. The deadline to apply is now closed. Do follow us on Twitter or Mastodon to hear about any new job openings in the future.

Who we are

Plausible Analytics is an open source alternative to Google Analytics. Our mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing an alternative web analytics tool that doesn’t come from the AdTech world. To learn more, you can check out the live demo of our product and read more about us.

Plausible is trusted by 6,800+ subscribers including Ghost, Basecamp, elementary OS and System76. The full-time team is four people in different corners of the EU, although we’re happy to work with people from around the world. We are completely independent (no VC money) and profitable on a steady growth path.

Role overview

We are looking for a senior product developer who can confidently ship new features and evolve our system architecture at this growth stage. You’ll be working closely with our technical co-founder Uku to make sure we can handle more use-cases and scale with our customers.

This is truly a full-stack position. You might be adding an icon to the dashboard one day and handling a data migration on the next. You don’t have to be an expert at every technology we use, but previous experience with the full stack is important.

Examples of the kinds of things you’ll be working on:

  • Adding a new metric to the dashboard, API and docs
  • Improving the onboarding flow
  • Investigating customers’ data issues when they are reported
  • Optimizing the dashboard loading performance
  • Automating a manual back-office task
  • Helping a customer with a technical question
  • Improving docs so you don’t have to answer the same technical question again
  • Participating in our (paid) on-call rotation

There’s a big variety of things to do since we’re a small team. You’ll be a key developer with a major impact on everything we do.

About you

This role comes with a lot of autonomy as well as responsibility. What we are looking for in you:

  • A manager of one
  • Thoughtful, kind person with good communication skills
  • Writes well-tested code that is easy to read
  • Carefully considers tradeoffs between possible solutions
  • Leaves the campsite cleaner than they found it

You should feel comfortable with our current tech stack or be confident that you can pick these tools up quickly:

  • Elixir+Phoenix
  • HTML/CSS/JS + React
  • PostgreSQL for relational data
  • ClickHouse for analytical data
  • GitHub Actions + Docker for CI and builds
  • Terraform + Ansible for production deployments

Working with us

We work remotely and flexibly. There won’t be more than one meeting per week. We communicate mainly around GitHub threads and Basecamp. Email is not used for internal communication, only if we need to communicate with customers or external partners.

You will be working closely with the current team:

  • Uku (Tech lead)
  • Marko (Product owner + QA)
  • Cenk (Senior infrastructure engineer)
  • Robert (Junior product engineer)
  • You (Senior product engineer)

As a small remote company, we can accommodate a wide range of working hours, vacation time and other working arrangements.

Application process

Thanks for your interest. The deadline to apply is now closed. Do follow us on Twitter or Mastodon to hear about any new job openings in the future.

  • Send your application to jobs@plausible.io. Include any previous work experience, skills you’ve acquired and technologies you’ve worked with
  • We will be accepting applications until the 15th of June 2022
  • Short introductory interview with Uku
  • Pair programming session with Uku
  • Final interview with Uku & Marko
  • Onboarding

If you aren’t interested yourself, please consider if you know someone who might be and share this ad with them.