Plausible Analytics Trademark Guidelines

This trademark policy was prepared to help you understand how to use the Plausible Analytics trademarks, service marks and logos.

While the copyright to our open source software is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 (AGPLv3) or any later version, our trademarks appearing in or on the open source software are the exclusive property of Plausible Insights OÜ and are not licensed under the AGPLv3. This means that our open source license does not include a license to use our trademarks.

Because we make some of our code available to download and modify, proper use of our trademarks is essential to inform people whether or not Plausible Analytics stands behind a product or service. When using Plausible Analytics trademarks, you must comply with these Plausible Analytics Trademark Guidelines.

This policy is intended to explain how to use our trademarks in a way that is consistent with background law and community expectations. This policy covers:

  1. Our word trademarks and service marks: Plausible, Plausible Analytics, Plausible CE, Plausible Community Edition, Plausible EE, Plausible Enterprise Edition
  2. Our logos: The Plausible Analytics, the Plausible CE and the Plausible EE logos

This policy encompasses all trademarks and service marks, whether they are registered or not.

General guidelines

Whenever you use one of our marks, you must always do so in a way that does not mislead anyone about what they are getting and from whom.

Do not use the Plausible marks in any way that could mistakenly imply that Plausible has reviewed, approved or guaranteed your goods or services. You also cannot use our logo on your website in a way that suggests that your website is an official website or that we endorse your website. You can, though, say you like the Plausible software, that you use Plausible, that the analytics are powered by Plausible or that you participate in the Plausible community.

You may not use or register our marks or variations of them as part of your trademark, business, product, service, app, domain name, social media account or business indicator. You may not use our marks as a part of an advertising campaign. You may not display Plausible trademarks more prominently than your product, service or company name. You may not use Plausible trademarks on merchandise for sale (e.g., selling t-shirts, mugs, etc).

Trademark law does not allow your use of names or trademarks that are too similar to ours. You therefore may not use an obvious variation of any of our marks or any phonetic equivalent, foreign language equivalent, takeoff, or abbreviation for a similar or compatible product or service.

Acceptable uses

You can use the Plausible name to truthfully and accurately refer to or identify Plausible and its products and services in the following instances:

  • To refer to Plausible and its products and services in news articles and other content without alteration
  • To discuss Plausible and its products in a fair and honest manner that does not suggest sponsorship or endorsement by or affiliation with Plausible
  • To refer to and/or to link to the products and services hosted on Plausible’s servers and website
  • To indicate if your product, service or solution integrates, or is interoperable or compatible, with Plausible, for example, “we offer a simple integration with Plausible Analytics”, provided that doing so does not create a likelihood of confusion as to the origin of such product, service, or solution
  • You may use our word marks as part of a public subdomain solely for the purpose of serving as the URL for your self-managed Plausible instance, for example,

Prohibited uses

Unless you have express written permission from Plausible, or your use is permitted pursuant to the acceptable uses set forth above, the use of Plausible trademarks is strictly prohibited. Here is a short, non-exhaustive list of the kinds of uses that are not permitted without Plausible’s express written permission but that Plausible may consider granting you the right to do should you request permission:

  • Use of Plausible trademarks in connection with the provision of a public website that makes Plausible software available for installation and use on a server (rather than directing users to the official Plausible site)
  • Use of Plausible trademarks in connection with versions of Plausible products made publicly available or made available in the cloud on a managed service provider, resale or other commercial basis
  • Use of Plausible trademarks in connection with Plausible product bundled with other software

In the above cases:

  • You must follow the terms of the open source license for Plausible software products and code
  • You must remove all of our logos from it and choose your branding, logos and trademarks that denote your unique identity to clearly signal to users that there is no affiliation with or endorsement by Plausible Analytics
  • You must not use any Plausible trademark in connection with the user-facing name, branding or marketing materials of your project
  • You may use word marks, but not our logos, in truthful statements that describe the relationship between your software and ours, for example, “this software is derived from the source code of the Plausible Analytics software”, as long as you also include a statement that your project is not officially associated with Plausible or its products

Plausible reserves the right in its sole discretion to (i) terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use the trademarks at any time and; (ii) object to any use or misuse of the trademarks in any jurisdiction worldwide. All changes to these guidelines are effective immediately when posted and your continued use of the trademarks following the posting of revised guidelines signifies your acceptance of such revision.

To request the use of the trademarks

Anyone wishing to use any of Plausible’s trademarks in a manner other than the acceptable uses listed above, including but not limited to marketing, promotion or advertising, or on software derivative of Plausible software, must obtain Plausible’s express, written permission in advance.

To request the use of the trademarks in a manner or for a purpose not expressly permitted in these guidelines, including use for any purpose of the logos, please email to discuss. If you need clarification on whether your use qualifies, please ask.

To report misuse

If you want to report misuse of a Plausible Analytics trademark, please email

Last updated: September 27 2023

These guidelines are based on the Model Trademark Guidelines, available at, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: