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Change your domain name

Unfortunately, it isn't possible for you to edit the domain name of an existing dashboard at the moment. If you have changed the domain name of your site and would like your new domain name to be displayed in your Plausible stats dashboard, we can help migrate your old stats to a new dashboard for you. Please do follow these steps:

  1. Register your new domain name on your Plausible account.
  2. Update the tracking script on your site to use the snippet with the new domain name as opposed to the old domain name.
  3. Once you start collecting the stats on the new dashboard, please contact us with your information (account email address, old domain name, and new domain name).

We will then manually backfill your new dashboard with the data from the old dashboard. Don't worry. You won't lose any of the old stats in this process. After we migrate the data, you can safely delete the old site from your Plausible account.


Are you looking to transfer a site from your account to a different account such as an account owned by your client? Use our site ownership transfer functionality.