Opt out and exclude your visits from the analytics

By default, Plausible counts every visitor to your website. When you are working on your site, you might not want to record your visits and page views.

Most analytics tools do this by excluding specific IP addresses from being counted. However, we do not store the visitors' IP addresses in our database for privacy reasons as we are a GDPR compliant web analytics tool.

To prevent counting your visits, you can set a special localStorage flag in the browser. Here's how.

To exclude your visits from being counted#

Visit the website you'd like to exclude your visits from and open the web console in your browser (press F12 in Firefox or Chrome). Then click the "Console" tab.

In Firefox, it looks like this:

Browser web console

Then paste the following command and hit enter:


It will look something like this when you paste the command:

Browser web console enter the command

And you will get this message when you hit enter:

Browser web console true

Note that you have to follow this process for every domain and subdomain you'd like to exclude your visits from. If you use multiple browsers, you also need to follow the same process on every browser you'd like not to be counted.

Return to your site to ensure the exclusion works#

There are two ways you can check to ensure that you have excluded your visits:

  • 1: Reload your site multiple times and make sure that the total page views number in your Plausible dashboard does not increase. This isn't very reliable if there are other people visiting your site at the same time.

  • 2: Reload your site and open the browser console again. If you have excluded yourself, you should see a message saying "Ignoring Event: localStorage flag". You may need to ensure the "Warnings" filter (in the top right in Firefox and top-center under a dropdown in Chrome) is enabled before this message is visible.

Browser web console check

To re-enable counting of your visits#

To re-enable counting of your visits, you need to visit the website you'd like to enable the counting of your visits for. Open the web console in your browser and then click the "Console" tab.

Then paste the following command and hit enter:

delete localStorage.plausible_ignore