Embed your dashboard on another website using an iFrame

You can embed your Plausible stats dashboard into any other website using an iFrame. This is useful in case you want to showcase your stats on your own website or if you want to integrate Plausible into your custom built client area.

1. Create a shared link#

Plausible Analytics

You need to create a shared link in order to embed your dashboard into another website. The shared link is secure and impossible to guess.

In the "Visibility" area of your website settings there's a "Shared links" section where you can create your shared link. Click on the "+ new link" button to do so.

You can optionally password protect the shared link if you want people to type in your chosen password first before being able to view the embedded dashboard.

If you prefer to share your stats without the password protection you can keep the password field blank. Click the "Create shared link" button and your new shared link will be displayed.

2. Generate the embed code#

In the "Visibility" area of your website settings there's the "Embed dashboard" section where you can generate the embed code.

Enter your shared link URL, select the theme of the embed dashboard (light, dark or system), optionally choose a custom background color and click on the "Generate embed code" button.


You can set the background color as transparent in the embed code. It's much more convenient than figuring out the hex code for your background color.

Generate embed code

3. Paste the embed code into your website#

Copy the embed code that's been generated and paste it wherever you want your Plausible stats dashboard to be embedded. If you've password protected your shared link, people will need to type the password before being able to view the embedded dashboard.