Pageview goals

Pageview goals allow you to measure how many people visit a specific page URL. Since page views are collected automatically, you don’t need to change your website’s code to measure page URL goals.

To get started with "Pageview Goals", go to your website’s settings in Plausible Analytics and visit the "Goals" section. You should see an empty list with a prompt to add a goal.

Add your first goal

Click on the "+ Add goal" button to go to the goal creation form.

Select Pageview as the goal trigger and enter the pathname of the page you would like your visitors to hit. The pathname must match the page path you can see in your Plausible Analytics dashboard.

Add your pageview goal

Next, click on the "Add goal" button and you’ll be taken back to the goals page. When you navigate back to your Plausible Analytics dashboard, you should see the number of visitors who reached the specified page. Goal conversions are listed at the very bottom of the dashboard.