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Proxying Plausible through Vercel

If you are hosting a Next.js application, see Proxying Plausible through Next.js / Vercel.

Step 1: Add configuration file

See Vercel's project configuration docs

Add a special vercel.json file in your application root:


Step 2: Configure rewrites

See Vercel's rewrites docs

Add the following JSON to rewrite calls within your application to Plausible's resources:

"rewrites": [
"source": "/your-subdirectory/js/script.js",
"destination": ""
"source": "/your-subdirectory/api/event",
"destination": ""

Note that:

  • The source paths identified here must be used when configuring the HTML script tag in the next section.
  • You can use whatever paths you like here (for example, here prefixing with /your-subdirectory/). Do choose a generic or irrelevant name. If you choose something like analytics, stats or plausible, it might get blocked.

Step 3: Add the script tag

See Plausible's script tag docs

Add a script tag to your application's HTML page, passing the values configured above as attributes. The src and data-api attributes must match the source values in the vercel.json file.


Thanks to davestewart for contributing these instructions!